Programme details

Hands-on Brain anatomy sessions

Including, examination of prosections of the whole brain and hemisphere, skull, meninges & vasculature. Everyone will have the opportunity for hands on brain dissection and special dissection techniques.



Patient Case conferences

Functional neuroanatomy is taught in the context of neurological patients with impairments due to focal brain lesions – and in which the techniques of neurological examination and principles of localization are highlighted in order to bring neuroanatomy to life and make it relevant to students of cognitive neuroscience.


Lectures/presentations, including...

  • The brain in 3D
  • Orienteering in the Head: skull, meninges and vasculature,
  • Visual system
  • Limbic system and amnesia
  • Neurological Patient exam videos
  • Anatomy of White Matter – Tractography
  • Scan reviews and neuroimaging labs
  • Sensori-motor systems